Product Composition

Conventional Compound Chemical Fertilizers

Conventional Compound Chemical Fertilizers consist only NPK
18+6+8 = 32%

What are the remaining 68%?

Non-nutritional items:
- Filler
- Adhesives
- Granulation agent
- Binding agent

These non-nutritional substances will continue to condense and adhesive when penetrating into the soil contributing to the main cause of soil hardening.

Why there are only NPK fertilizers being considered as the 3 major fertilizers since the invention of chemical fertilizers in 180 years ago?

Due to the difficulties in process technology
  • It is a difficult process in order to mix more than 16 different elements together in producing fertilizers.
  • For example, chemicals can kill the beneficial bacteria, chemicals can not be bonded with organic matters.
  • Chemical substances can not be formed as it will dissolve in organic acids.
  • But all these technology problems have been perfectly solved by using KhaiEL Quantum Bio-Synthesizer.
Due to the manufacturing costs
  • The price for most of the trace elements are rather expensive compared to the main NPK elements. The production cost will increase tremendously by adding too much of secondary nutrients and trace elements.
  • Even though the organic matters supply sources are cheaper, yet their fermentation processes took longer time and required large production area contributing to high production cost.
Due to incorrect cost estimation
  • Human are looking for the lowest fertilizers production cost in order to maximize their profit.
  • Chemical fertilizers are the cheapest product as they can be produced continuously in bulk.
  • Chemical fertilizers which are cheaper in price can only incerase product yield and reduce farming cost within short term. The cost paid for future environmental caused damages have not yet been considered.
  • As a result, the cost paid for fungicide, pesticide, and changes of cultivation land will incurr even higher expenses comparing to the total saving cost in using chemical fertilizers earlier.